Sep 8, 2009

Business Modeling

Day 2 is starting at 8 am with a very short introduction from Manuel into the modeling of business process. This should give all the foundations to dig into Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 later today.

“BM is the creation of a model of an abstract but real business”. Like our software models, business models only represent a certain view onto a business. There is no just 1 correct model. “Modellieren = Hervorheben + Weglassen”. Models for an IT architect are typically much more detailed than for the business.

Types of diagrams: Business Use Case (BUCD), Activity, Business Analysis (BAM).

Process: Model –> Document –> Verify (iterate). BM Hamburger: Strategy –> Operations –> IT (business goals) and backwards (verification).

A business process: has a goal, input, output, needs resources, has impact.

Model diagram: shows business actors and business workers, swim lanes, activities, sequences, parallelism/joins, decision nodes, start and end node(s)

BPMN example (one possible notation; quite complex and very detailed; not suitable for business people, this is a model diagram for IT specialists):


BPEL example: very exact; executable model

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