Sep 23, 2009

Unit Testing – A Book you have been waiting for

Does your project have low test coverage, unreadable test code, high investments in maintaining unit tests? Do you feel writing unit test being awkward and time consuming, questioning the overall benefit, not trusting some of the unit tests? Ever had discussions about fake/stubs/mocks, what is better Record-Replay or Arrange/Act/Assert (triple A) syntax, where to set up your fakes, differences between unit and integration tests, testing best practices, different tools and test frameworks?

No? Working as a hair dresser or what? Then you can easily forget about the following …

I just finished reading Roy Osherove’s (300 pages) book “The Art of Unit Testing” which is an easy but MUST-READ book, I’ve been waiting for a long time now. You do not have to agree with all of his views, but definitively opens up your mind concerning unit testing.

Go an get it. Or if you are a team lead or manager go and get a stack of it. Your investment will pay back soon!

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