Nov 16, 2009

S’Zockerpapier het (ned) abgschlage

Don’t quote me on this, colleagues at home, readers, or anybody out there … because I do not even know the source of this Swiss-German saying, but the meaning is the following:

  • something is not as sweet as it has been once

You can apply this to this years PDC give-away:


The traditional bag is missing some potency and this years drinking bottle was made from recyclable plastic only.

Let’s hope this is not foreboding of the upcoming technologies, products and services from Microsoft ;-)

--- Updated ---

Steven Sinofsky must have read my post before his day 2 keynote, where he announced the unbelievable compensation

a Win7, multi-touch, tablet subnote for 5000 attendees. So

  • things are even sweeter than ever before …

What a way to promote multi-touch adoption with developers!

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