Jan 15, 2010

Create your own Web Casts with Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture

Have you ever explained a certain topic to a peer or a live audience and wanted to

  • record your computer screen
  • record the audio
  • save this to a file

for later reuse or another audience?

Then the Microsoft Expression Encoder (3) Screen Capture is an application to look at. Screen Capture is included in Expression Studio 3, Expression Web 3 or the Expression Professional Subscription.

Start the application, enable the microphone (and web cam; no tried yet myself) and press the red dot button.


Select the screen area to capture


Press the red button again to confirm your selection


Pausing recording is done with Ctrl+Shift+F11, stopping with Ctrl+Shift+F12.

An .xesc file is now create. To encode this to a more common format (like mp4 or wmv) Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 can be used: